“Body Party" may have been a hit, but y’all did not buy Ciara’s self-titled debut album. I mean, I did, but the rest of y’all paid her dust. Now the singer is trying one mo’ gin with a new album. In an interview with Samia Arslane‘s Genlux magazine, CiCi tells the pub: “I’m in the process of making my new album. My inspiration is life and reality. It’s important to express myself musically. I am so connected to who I am now, and I now I want to share pieces of myself with the world.” That’s a whole bunch of nothing, but good luck, girl. [That Grape Juice]

The reality star formally known as Porsha Stewart is rumored to be on the chopping block. Apparently, producers have become bored with Porsha Williams and are thinking about replacing her on the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. If true, we’ll always have “Bye, ashy!” Porsha. [Rhymes With Snitch]



Kenya Moore has not offered much either on the current season of RHOA, though she stays in conflict, which matters most on this show. Her most recent beef is with NeNe Leakes. When asked about the rumors, Kenya told Wendy Williams: “Last season she had all of these jobs. She was this Hollywood actress and she had arrived and she had made it. And this season she doesn’t have any of that. Last season she welcomed me and was like, ‘Oh, Kenya do your thing.’ And now, all of a sudden this is all she has…being a housewife. Things change. Things drastically change. I’m not sure, you’ll have to make the decision for yourself when you watch it in full. It’s not like it used to be. You’ll see in the upcoming episodes, it gets really bad. It gets really bad.”

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were spotted hanging out together, so naturally that means she’s carrying his seed and plans to marry him the day after Christmas. Page Six quotes a source saying, “They were playing pool and hanging by the stairwell,” says a spy. “They weren’t kissing or anything, but they were looking very friendly.” When asked if the two were an item, Rih Rih’s rep said, “Cause they were playing pool? Hmm.” A$AP is dating model Chanel Iman. [Page Six]

In other Rihanna news, a fan hit her via DM for relationship advice and the pop star obliged.

The fan wrote: “Hey rih, Hope its not a bad time to message. Just been down lately wondering if maybe you had any words of encouragement. Trust issues w/ men.”

Rih-Rih’s response: “Anytime I’m having trust issues, I often assume that it has a lot to do with myself! Most of the time it’s difficult to differentiate intuition and insecurities! But no one ever wants to wait to figure it out either! Whatever we do, we don’t wanna feel stupid! So we tend to jump the gun with no evidence to back it up!..

That’s the biggest mistake anyone could ever make! My advice, which is exactly what I’ve done, is that if shit isn’t making sense to me I’m out!!! I mean cold turkey! I always need to step out of it to see it for what it is! cuz I refuse to let a man play me! If he has no respect, he just doesn’t! But u don’t have to allow it or be bound by it!!”

At least she didn’t charge her $24.95. [Concrete Loop]

Now that Lamar Odom has been kicked off of Kardashian Island, he is said to be hanging out with the mother of his children. Yes, the woman who called out Lamar for not being an active dad. A source claims: “Lamar has been talking to Liza in the last few weeks, and she has been a tremendous source of strength for him. Khloe was always insanely jealous of Liza and that is why Lamar distanced himself. He now recognizes that was a mistake.” He’ll now be spending the holidays with Liza Morales and their children. [Radar]

For the record, though, Khloe Kardashian stands to make $7 million from the divorce. It seems: “Khloe will be entitled to $500,000 for each year married to Lamar and she could petition for spousal support. However, she would only be entitled to spousal support from Lamar for half the length of their marriage, which would be less than two years.” Lamar is worth $100 million, and Khloe, around $18 million. The source added, “Khloe will remain as the beneficiary on a $10 million life insurance policy Lamar has and that will remain for the rest of their lives.” Why am I not married to a basketball or baseball player? [Hollywood Life]

Other talk shows may be struggling in the ratings (Arsenio Hall), but not The Queen Latifah Show. The Nielsen Company says Queen Latifah’s return to daytime “is the biggest ratings winner of the new talk shows that debuted in the 2013-2014 TV season. Meanwhile the Hollywood Reporter notes the show “has improved ratings in double digits for stations, compared to what the stations were airing in the show’s time slot in 2012.” I see this for Nicki Minaj in 10 or 20 years. [Shadow + Act]

Ever pee in the bed with someone in it? Cam’ron has and recently told the story in a new interview. It goes a lil’ something like this: “This was awhile ago. I took a girl home from the club the first time I ever met her. I was pissy drunk,” he says. “So we get in the bed, we do what we do. We fall asleep. I wake up. And you know how you just wake up, and I’m like, ‘I know I didn’t just pee on myself.’” Facing a dilemma, Cam went into action. “You gotta think quick in this scenario. So I run to the bathroom, I get a cup of water, and I sit down on the bed and act like the water spilt in the bed.” [Miss Info]

In a, uh, very candid interview, Peter Thomas acknowledges that he considered cheating on Cynthia Bailey after she was diagnosed with fibroids – which caused her to gain 20 pounds and lose her sex drive. When asked if she hadn’t undergone corrective surgery, Cynthia says, “We’d be divorced for sure.” Peter adds, “I know we would have been done. There is absolutely no way we could have survived another year if things hadn’t changed.” Peter went on to say he considered cheating, explaining: “Me and my buddies were planning a trip to Venezuela because nobody knows us there.” Moving on. [Life & Style]


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