Idris Elba isn’t here for his private life being as much of a topic of discussion as his professional work. Speaking with USA Today (in a “race-themed” interview, I presume), the actor explained, “You have to keep the mystery as much as you can. If I’m honest, in the future, I’ll be doing less press.” Some of that may have to do with reports about his girlfriend, Naiyana Garth, being pregnant with their first child, his second. “Recently my private life is creeping into my work life and that annoys the (expletive) out of me,” he says. “This is my work. My life is different.” Well okay, Idris. [USA Today]

LaTavia Roberson has confirmed rumors that she is joining the cast of R&B Divas: Atlanta. The original Destiny’s Child member took to Instagram and bopped to Beyoncé’s “Diva” in the short clip. She even used the hashtag #Beyhive’ing – proving the 12 of you still bitter about the original group disbanding have got to let go and let God find you some new hobby. Oh, and Meelah Williams of 702 is joining the cast as well. Meelah’s voice is a pleasure, so please tune in and give these ladies a chance, y’all. [Instagram, NewsOne Now]

Inspired by the success of The Best Man Holiday, there’s been talk of a number of other sequels hitting the big screen. Robert Townsend already has one planned for The Five Heartbeats. The actor-director said, “I am working on a sequel. Next year I’ll be making an announcement.” Why? [Black America Web]

In related blast from the past news, there may be a Moesha spinoff in the works.

The word is: “Brandy has been talking about doing her own TV show for a while now, and everything is finally falling into place for her! She recently teamed up with Tyler Perry and is working on her own TV show slightly based off of her old show Moesha. We’re not sure if it will be a continuation or a completely different show, but we do now that William Allen Young and Sheryl Lee Ralph (Frank and Dee from Moesha) will be portraying her parents again in this new show. Sources say it will be more mature but will still be comedic and family orientated. Tyler is negotiating with Oprah to get it on OWN but if that doesn’t work out, BET or TBS would be a great back up.” [Kempire Daily]

And like Danity Kane’s reunion, fellow Making The Band-rooted group Day26 is dropping hints of a reunion via the Twitter and Instagram. Your move, O-Town. [Concrete Loop]

Chris Brown has been ordered back into rehab, but his weed has to stay home. Despite having marijuana prescribed to him to treat his depression, the staff at his rehab facility won’t allow him to bring it. Chris says weed calms him and clearly anyone paying attention to Chris Brown knows he needs all the help he can get with that. But you know, rules are rules or something. [TMZ]

In excerpts from Suge Knight’s interview with Rolling Stone, the former Death Row CEO praised Kendrick Lamar: “Kendrick is a dude that’s an incredible artist. I’m not surprised because he’s from Compton. He grew up in Compton, that’s where he lived at, hung out at, and the guys he hangs with from his neighborhood, is p-folk. So there’s no way it wouldn’t rub off on him. There’s no way that his vision wouldn’t be aggressive or that he wouldn’t have the lyrics he has, if he didn’t grow up there. Kendrick know, anybody from Compton, that’s pretty much saying they’re a Death Row artist. That’s what they grew up to, that’s what they know, that was the people they’re involved with… they mimicked their stuff off of the blueprint I laid down. But Kendrick by far is one of them guys that they can’t fuck with. They can’t fuck with that boy lyrically and they better not sleep. Kendrick got a whole army behind him. He got real love out here.” [Medium]

It looks like we will indeed be seeing a Los Angeles spinoff of Love & Hip Hop. Mona Scott Young explained in a new interview: “We’ve been looking at a few cities, it’s feeling like we’ll land in L.A., L.A. feels like the next city. Again it’s about struggling artists trying to make it and that’s what’s great about the franchise but it’s feeling like we’ve got some great stories to tell in L.A.” My body is ready. [Rhymes With Snitch]

In rumors I think Kris Jenner or probably Rob Kardashian because what else is he doing news, Lamar Odom is reportedly “demanding” $10 million from Khloe Kardashian and his engagement ring back in a divorce settlement. Otherwise, he’s going to tell all of their business. But, they already tell their business and profit off of it. I don’t see it for this rumor, but I still want to say, “Poor Khloe.” [Radar]

Amber Rose stood up for regular women everywhere by letting it be known that the snapback for post-pregnancy women is a lot longer than your average celebrity suggests. She always looks so happy and so stress free. Good for her! Kim Kardashian, this could be you…

Okay, time for peach cobbler. Bye, y’all.