Is the Puerto Rican Princess about to turn into a pauper? An ex-hair stylist for Joseline Hernandez reached out to blogger Funky Dineva and shared certain details about Joseline’s finances and “marriage” to Stevie J.

According to Dineva: “I was minding my own business as I always do, when a former hair stylist of Joseline’s made it their business to spill their heart out as to why they no longer work with the Puerto Rican Princess. Reportedly, all the fame and money has gone to Joseline’s head and up her nose. Chile Miss hairstylist said that things have gotten so bad round Joseline’s house that majority of the Glam Squad that was working with her have quit and many of which have began working with Mimi.” 

And the rumored marriage is not real. I will choose to believe that part for selfish reasons, but not that other stuff. [Funky Dineva]

Eve’s rep has confirmed that the rapper-actress is engaged to Gumball 3000 founder Maximillion Cooper. Her rep says that Cooper proposed on Christmas Day. A rich man asking you to be with him forever on a holiday: talk about dreams coming true. E-V-E, how you do that? [E! News]

In other rich women dating wealthy men news, Naomi Campbell is rumored to be “hanging out” with Nigerian oil mogul Kola Aluko. However, a source maintains the two are just friends, saying, “They have a close friendship and maintain that friendship.” That’s an awesome friend to have. Go, Nay Nay. [Page Six]

Rob Kardashian has allegedly fled from his family and the paparazzi by moving to Florida. According to a source, “He finally realized he needs to focus on himself and not do things the way his sisters do. He feels he needs a clean break.” If you haven’t seen Rob Kardashian lately, let me paint you a visual: Imagine if Rob Kardashian ate at least two and a half of his sisters. Add a grumpy face, and boom, meet Rob Kardashian in 2014.

Apparently his mama tried to help, though. The source adds, “Kris tried to get him a weight-loss deal and pushed him to promote a hair-loss supplement. He feels like the family abandoned him when he needed them most. For him, life is more than just a business deal.” Cute for him, but there ain’t nothing going on but the rent ‘round these parts. He better get to the money and take some of it to pay for a trainer and therapy. Good luck, Rob. [In Touch]






So Karrueche Tran uploaded a photo of an Aaliyah coloring book that she brought on a plane. Given the way Aaliyah tragically died, some felt it was insensitive. She then tweeted (over the course of a few hours): “It. Was. A. Joke. Geeeez. Y'all love to twist some shit around. to everyone who sent me hate and wished for my plane to crash.. I made it safe and sound bitches lol finally home”

I assume someone with a better more intel about the world of public relations gathered her with love – ergo, the better worded tweets posted. [Jason Lee]

Chrissy Lampkin was arrested after a bar fight. The 42-year-old reportedly “took objection to another woman sitting on the same sofa in the bar — and then accidentally bumping into someone.” The end result was the other person being “hospitalized with injuries and received stitches above the eye.” Jim Jones bailed her out. [New York Daily News]

Rumor has it that Robin Thicke has gone into full diva mode. Per a source, Robin was booked to perform and host a party at a Miami hotel on Monday, but when he checked in, threw a fit over the room being too small. The source says, “He threatened to pull out if he didn’t get a bigger room. His travel agent was calling all over Miami to get him a bigger room at a different hotel.” A rep for the SLS denied this report, though, noting, “Robin has been a great guest.” I hope so ‘cause “Blurred Lines” is so 2013….or 1977, depending on whom you’re asking. [Page Six]

Despite being in a relationship, Ludacris, like Dwyane Wade, managed to have a baby with another woman. Maybe they were on a break, too. In any event, Luda is acknowledging the child and trying to limit the amount of child support the mother receives. He claims to earn $25,842.41 a month, so under Georgia law his child support payment would be $1,754.66. [The Boombox]




Jennifer Hudson surprised her assistant Walter with his very own home! Walter and Jennifer have been friends since they met in the 6th grade and Jen has long considered him to be her closet friend. [The YBF]

Chilli tried it the other day when she took to Twitter to upload a list of words and phrases she feels need to be removed from everyone’s lexicon in 2014. This included, “Bey, ‘B,’ queen B, or any variation of the word Beyoncé.” The #Beyhive came for her throat online, resulting in Chilli taking to Twitter to say, “Guys calm down…no one is dissing Beyonce I luv her…we’re only talking about sayings..that’s it. Geesh”

She ended up deleting all those tweets. By the way, Chilli, NO ONE BELIEVES YOU. If you really loved, Beyoncé, you wouldn’t object to any of that. I see after all these years, someone is still mad about “the torch.” #BEYHIVE [That Grape Juice]



P.S. Yoncé all on yo’ mouth like liquor.


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