After taking to national TV to badmouth Beyoncé’s pappy, Mathew Knowles, for falling behind on child support payments, Alexsandra Wright, will be seeing more on-time checks—albeit for a much smaller amount. A judge has approved a substantial cut – from $12,000 a month to about $2,500 per month – after Mathew proved that his income has sharply declined after his daughter fired him as her manager. Mathew’s income wasn’t made public, but I think this story says enough. [HuffPost Black Voices]

There’s a nasty rumor going around that Tamar Braxton hasn’t been paying her employees – namely her stylist.

According to Funky Dineva: “Gurl, in addition to the stylist the word is several band members have not been paid either. That’s not even the worst part. The REAL GAG is, folks are saying Tamar can’t record in nan studio in LA because She & Vince owe all of them money for unpaid studio time. Now quiet as its kept, lets not act like Vince has a solid reputation for paying his bills.”




Tamar took a shot at the story on Twitter, but as you can see, Dineva is standing by the story. [Funky Dineva]

Speaking with The Guardian, Kelis explains that while she’s over her failed marriage to Nas, she’s had to think more about it given Nas being so open about their divorce in recent years.
She explained: “I’ve been divorced for almost five years; it’s over, I’m over it. But what I would say is that last year I was made more aware of it because my ex-husband decided to talk about stuff that I hadn’t shared with the world. He slipped my wedding dress on to his album cover [2012's Life Is Good], so now I have to talk about it! I had no idea it was happening, I was like, ‘What the…?’ But it didn’t affect my life. I’m not living that life now. I’m super-content and at peace.”

Well, it’s not like you didn’t say things and file a bunch of suits which forced him to think more about it than he may have wanted to, Kelis. [Concrete Loop]

Some were surprised when Allen Iverson thanked his ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson, during the Philadelphia 76ers jersey retirement ceremony last Saturday night. A.I. saluted Tawanna for "helping me grow as a man and taking care of me throughout my career and always being by my side and loving me." He added, "She'll always be my favorite person in the world."

On the change, Tawanna explained: "We've known each other since we were 16 years old…and we have 5 kids together. So, we have to do what's best for our kids." She went on to say, "We'll always have a connection with each other" and the two are in a "happy" place. [TMZ]

Although there are rumors that Janet Jackson and her husband, Wissam al Mana, are divorcing, a source says that is not the case – but things aren’t great either. The source claims, "From what I was told, she never said divorce.” However, "All the bliss that Janet experienced pre-marriage with Wissam and in the first couple of months is gone." This same source “believes” the two are still living together.

Meanwhile, a separate source told Entertainment Tonight, "The rumors about their marriage are a lie. They are very happy and very much together. In fact, the couple has recently purchased an even larger home in New York." [E! News]

Katie Holmes is said to be so in love with Jamie Foxx that she wants to tell everybody and their potentially disappointed mama, only Jamie won’t out of respect for friend and former co-star, Tom Cruise. A source says, “Katie understands Jamie’s thinking when it comes to Tom, but she also thinks life is too short to cater to Tom’s feelings.” In other words, she thinks Xenu ain’t worried ‘bout nothing. [Rhymes With Snitch]

Brandy may be single again and back on the block, but that doesn’t mean she wants to talk about it. When asked the status of her engagement with Ryan Press, Brandy said, I’m not talking about my relationship. I’m here to celebrate powerful women today.

She went on, “I think you just have to speak from your heart and if you want to share [your relationship], great. If not, then that’s your choice.” Someone’s learned their lesson. [Necole Bitchie]


August Alsnia is new to the worlds of the music industry and celebrity, but he’s become a fast learner as it relates to rhythm & beef. In a candid interview with Rap-Up, August said he and Trey Songz are not getting along right now. August said flat out, “I don’t really f**k with Trey right now. We ain’t on the same page. He did some other s**t and we just don’t rock.” Well then.

As to what happened: “Like I tell people all the time, show me that you’re this person on day one… You should always be that person. We were supposed to have a show together and it just went left ’cause I can’t deal with ni**as’ egos and attitudes ’cause I’m just a real ni**a comin’ through and I’m rockin’.”

When they’re ready for to hash it out, I volunteer my services to play the role of mediator. [Rap-Up]

After a bad trip to the Opera Ball in Vienna that resulted in Kim Kardashian hearing the word “ni*ger” and seeing an idiot in blackface, legend has it that Kanye West has told her that she has to take a timeout on paid appearances.

A source – maybe an upset Kris Jenner – explains: “He went nuclear when Kim told him someone had used the N-word in front of her and one of the guests was dressed in blackface. It was his advice to leave right away, no questions asked. It’s not about the money. Kanye told her no more paid appearances. It was selling her soul and not worth it. How much more money does Kim need? It cheapens Kim and her brand to be paid to go to parties.”

It cheapens her brand to be paid to go to parties? Umm, hasn’t that been a part of her brand for a smooth decade now? Girl, bye. [Radar]



You heard Katy Perry. Do not blaspheme Beyoncé.

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