Tamar Braxton knows y’all have been clocking her throat and the vocal performances that have been hit or miss as of late due to an injury to her vocal chords. She spoke candidly about it in a recent interview, Tamar is acknowledging the struggle but making clear that she’s about to do what it is required to get better.

In a recent interview, she explained: “I’m on the mend…Some days you know, it’s just not there…like Ariana Grande…our albums came out on the same day and around the same time both of our blood vessels popped, but I had it on both sides she had it on one side and she took a break. Tay Tay went on the road! She just had a baby… OK!? She don’t live with her mama, everybody wants their checks on the first… So Tamar went on the road. I didn’t allow myself time to heal so therefore its going to take me longer and I’m not ashamed. But I can sing my face off at the end of the day its there and I don’t have anything to prove to anybody because whatever I had to prove I've already proven to myself.“

I distinctly remember Phaedra Parks putting NeNe Leakes on blast for pretending not to know her despite both being from the same small town in Georgia with plenty of mutual acquaintances during a previous season’s reason special. That’s why I was surprised that NeNe mentioned how Phaedra was rumored to be the “head doctor” on this week’s edition of the show. Phaedra has since told Andy Cohen on Watch Watch Happens Live that NeNe has apologized. Uh, maybe in private but certainly not on the blogs

NeNe wrote in her most recent entry:

“A hit dog always holla! I never said I knew Phaedra in school. I mean why would I say that? She's 21 years old and I’m 121 years old, right? I'm sure that's what she would want the world to think. Hit your rewind button! I didn't say I knew Phaedra was "The Head Doctor," I said it was a rumor! We have all heard rumors about somebody we didn't go to school with. It wasn't said with malicious intent, but it was said. I'm definitely a jokester, but the one thing I don't practice is lying. This is the show we signed up for! Don't get new now! I can't count the number of times Phaedra has lied about my character. It works like this: don't ever think you can dish on me and I can't do the same to you.”

So in conclusion, Phaedra was right about NeNe knowing her way back when. [Bravo]

A source claims that Kris Jenner is none too thrilled with Kanye West due to her belief that he is messing up the Kardashian brand. A source says that Kris feels with “the recent bragging, name calling and calls for attention are making her brand look bad, and she doesn’t want anything to hurt her empire.  She thinks he is pushing the envelope a bit too far when he brings up religion and is always picking a fight.” The source did note, though, “On the other side, Kanye has never really liked Kris and ironically has thought that her brand would hurt his.” They’re both correct. [Naughty But Nice Rob]


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>I think peeps overall just enjoy saying the word &quot;shade&quot;.&#10;Feels good, but not applicable 70% of the time. &#10;Oh shit. Is THIS &quot;shaaaaaade&quot;?</p>&mdash; solange knowles (@solangeknowles) <a href="https://twitter.com/solangeknowles/statuses/410096195273375744">December 9, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Solange says she was not shading Ariana Grande when she made a comment about folks emulating Mariah Carey (including herself, which she said in jest on the Twitter). Good for her to clarify, but perhaps the reason why so many people perceived the comment to be shade is due to the reality that Ariana Grande is in fact creating a whole career out of copying Mariah Carey. I bought the album, but that’s true tea all the same. Are you gagging? Do most of you even know what I’m talking about at this point?

Mathew Knowles is going to court in order to restore what’s left of his reputation and convince fans that Beyoncé didn’t record “Daddy” completely in vain. Alexsandra Wright, whom Mathew made a baby boy with, is claiming that Mathew hasn’t been paying his child support. However, Mathew maintains that he’s not a deadbeat, only a little CP time with the last few payments. According to TMZ, “a few of the payments were only slightly late, but past the deadline for being credited, so it appeared Mathew didn't fork over what he owed.” But apparently he’s now late for December so if he doesn’t pay, he’ll officially become delinquent. [TMZ]

The very pregnant Evelyn Lozada will likely not face similar struggles. I mean, she’s knocked up by a baseball player working with a guaranteed $142 million contract. About that guy, Eve has opened up Carl Crawford. Speaking with OMG! Insider, the reality star said, “Yes [I’m in love] and I’m very happy. I’m not going to sit up here and say, 'Oh my God everything is so perfect,' but everything just feels good and I’m in a good space.” I’d be in love and in a good space, too, if I was with a guy who had all that money.


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Meanwhile, she’s blocked Chad Johnson on social media. [Rhymes With Snitch]

Karrine Steffans is still trying to get everyone’s attention for messing around with rappers, particularly Lil’ Wayne. The video vixen and industry playmate posted a screen cap of a conversation she had with Wayne. Short version: She insulted him and he cursed her out. She swears she’s done with him, but one imagines she will get bored one day and pull a similar stunt for the same level of attention. I don’t want to knock her hustle, but I will say she ought to look into a new one. This is stale, sis. [XXL]

In related Lil’ Wayne ex news, his former wife, Toya Carter Wright, got arrested over warrants related to unpaid parking tickets. Y’all have got to pay the man. [TMZ]

Arsenio Hall has responded to a recent interview with Kanye West in which the rapper cited racism and Arsenio “turning up too much” as the reasons behind the late night talk show ended in the early 1990s. Well, Arsenio has since responded to that, noting that “it was not racism, it was not a plot…I just left my show.”

Furthermore, he took issue with Kanye’s use of the word “slaves” in his songs:  “I hate the word ‘slave’ used in songs. The f*ck outta here. Do you know what that word is? Do you know what that word is all about? Nobody can use ‘slave’ in pop culture. If you’re in the music business, you shouldn’t f*ck with that word. Too serious an era. Too serious a problem in America. There is no one that’s free to move around this country that should use the word ‘slave.’ Do you know what it meant to slaves?” [Miss Info]

Kanye West also offered his thoughts on his lack of Grammy nominations. Speaking before a crowd of concertgoers, Kanye said:  “Can I talk my sh*t again? I’m 36-years-old and I have 21 Grammys. That’s the most Grammys of any 36-year-old. Out of all those 21 Grammys, I’ve never won a Grammy against a white artist. Now let’s bring it back to the Michael Jackson days when he couldn’t get his video to be played because he was ‘urban.’ So when the Grammy nominations come out and ‘Yeezus’ is the top one or two album on every single list, but only gets two nominations from the Grammys. What are they trying to say? Did they think that I wouldn’t notice? Do they think that, someway, I don’t have the power to completely diminish all of their credibility at this moment?…”

Let him have this one, y’all. [Radar]

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