A new website, FiftyNiftyandMore.com, offers a curated lifestyle platform to bridge the gap in access and information for Black women over 50. It's spotlighting organizations that offer services and solutions related to the common needs of middle-aged women and above.

Barbara Sullivan and entrepreneur Aingeel Talley founded Fifty Nifty and More, to create the platform, a space where information and access intersect. “I think this is something whose time has arrived,” declares Sullivan. “People are celebrating the 50-plus women in general, more so than ever before. For years, we have been youth-oriented in terms of advertising. Now that we are all getting older, there’s an appreciation for Black women, 50-plus. With this website, I want to celebrate and acknowledge those women. We are a tribe.”

Featuring articles on generational wealth, post-career careers, pursuing old dreams, physical and mental health and more, the curated platform brings resources to the fingertips of its readers. Its goal is to provide accessibility to the needs, wants and desires of its core audience, the often underserved Black women over the age of 50. 

“Fifty Nifty is a love offering to our readers. It is my pleasure to help uplift women who have given and then given some more,” Talley states. “I look forward to entering that sacred elder space, which is the most revered place in our community.”