A look at the political week that was…

  • Finally, there is a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas after a week of violence, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians and children.
  • U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is still under fire for using the talking points from intelligence officials that turned out to be incorrect, but it appears that Republicans may finally have given up on the Benghazi conspiracy theories with Rice as the scapegoat.
  • In regards to the attacks on Rice, Rep. James Clyburn says “incompetent” has been used as a racially charged codeword.
  • It’s interesting that the Republicans are making such a fuss about Susan Rice’s possible nomination as the next Secretary of State, when they have nothing to say about Condoleezza Rice who misled the nation with regards to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and was confirmed for the same post.
  • Walmart workers may strike on Black Friday.
  • 2016 hopeful Republican Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) confesses his love for Tupac Shakur, perhaps in an effort to attract minority voters to the GOP.
  • A love of rap music isn’t going to solve the GOP’s Rush Limbaugh problem.
  • Is that you, Mitt Romney?