Days left until election: 59

  • Democrats gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina this week for the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  The Democratic answer to last week’s convention in Tampa has focused on equal pay for women, the right for all women to have control and autonomy over their own bodies, and growing the economy from the bottom up for all Americans.
  • The message is clear: re-elect President Obama and help Democrats re-take the House of Representatives in November to give the president four more years to continue the progress we’ve achieved since 2008.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama rocked night one in what is being called one of the best convention speeches ever delivered and certainly among the most popular by a First Lady.
  • Night two was the Bill Clinton show.  The former president gave a lengthy speech and gave the most convincing argument to date for re-electing the president.  President Clinton made a convincing case by contrasting the president’s policies with those proposed with Mitt Romney in an effort to convince voters that electing Romney would be disastrous for the economy.
  • One of the most overlooked aspects of Clinton’s speech that needs more attention is his focus on Medicaid cuts.  With all the talk about Medicare, the cuts to Medicaid included in the Ryan budget would impact nursing homes and the disabled which is a very persuasive political point Democrats will likely make from now until the election.
  • The final night was President Obama’s turn to take center stage and make his pitch directly to disaffected supporters to stick with him another term.