Celebrities are regular people who make a lot of money, have nicer clothes and make the same mistakes we do. Their foolishness is just magnified, and there was lots of it this week.

Day 26 is One LessBrian Angel of the R&B group Day 26 got a shock the other day when he found out his group members had a performance without telling him. It was their passive aggressive way of kicking him out of the group, and it took him by surprise so he aired his grievances on Twitter. I’m shocked because I didn’t realize that Day 26 is still a group. We’ve all moved on the 27th day by now, so they need to let go and let Gaga.

I’m not sure why Brian was kicked out but maybe it’s because his braids haven’t grown in 7 years, but who knows? He’ll be joining countless others in the Bad Boy basement. The group is now down to 3 people: Willie, Robert and Mike. I wonder if Brian will change his Twitter handle from @MrAngel_day26 to something else now that he’s gotten the Effie White treatment.

Raz-B Slices His HandRaz-B landed in the hospital this week for a freak accident where he almost sliced off his hand. The former member of the Babyhair Quad (aka B2K) was in China when he fell through his hotel room’s glass door and slice his wrist all the way to the bone. CAN YOU SAY OUCH? The picture of him in the hospital, posted by TMZ, has him in white pants that were basically dyed red from the incredible amount of blood he lost. Poor dude. After a 5-hour surgery to repair his wrist, he was released from the hospital.

The Dream Shades His ExChristina Milian was interviewed the other day, and she implied that her ex-husband, music producer, The Dream, hasn’t been a great father to their daughter, Violet. It seems that he doesn’t spend much time with their 2-year old, and Christina expressed her disappointment pretty civilly. Well, Dream must have heard about it because Necole Bitchie reports that he decided to clap back at her by subtweeting and calling her a “has been” and saying it’s a publicity stunt.

See, Christina didn’t even come at him wrong. Why did he have to go there with the insults? His petty is totally showing and he should tuck it in because it’s not a good look. That is nothing but mess. They both need to sit down and work it out for Violet’s sake, instead of insulting each other over various mediums.

50 Cent Takes It Back – Twitter will always be celebrity’s kryptonite. Someone tweeted something unfavorable to 50 Cent, and he replied with “yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic” and then “I dont want no special ed kids on my time line follow some body else.” Always classy, that Curtis. Actress Holly Robinson Peete penned a pretty awesome and poignant letter to Fiddy about his insensitivity, because as the mother of an autistic son herself, it hit close to home. It made a difference too because it spurred 50 Cent to delete the tweets and issue an apology for being offensive. I hope he actually understands why his comments were uncouth, and that he’s not just doing it because of the backlash.

Tax Man Coming – Every week, we find out another celebrity is being charged with tax evasion and each time I wonder why they don’t learn from each other’s mistakes. And even more importantly, I can’t figure out why rich people in the spotlight are still not taking care of their financial lives? Are their accountants setting them up for failure? What is the deal? Anywho, the two latest celebs who might be getting their wigs snatched are Beanie Sigel and Kelis. Beanie is facing two years in jail for not paying taxes from 1999-2005, according to TheYBF. Since he earned over $2.2 million in those years, he’s owing Uncle Sam over $700,000. And Nas’ ex-wife, Kelis owes over $600,000 for taxes from 2009-2010. Sir and ma’am… I’m gonna need you to pay Uncle Sam, because an orange jumpsuit won’t look good on either of you.

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