Foolery abounds in pop culture, so there was much ratchetness this week.

Quincy Jones Shades Diddy – This week, legendary musician Quincy Jones went to a Spotify launch event and shaded the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy so tough that I bet they had to get more lamps at the venue. According to the Huffington Post, Q said Diddy “couldn’t recognize a B flat” if it hit him and that he “has a doctorate in Marketing.” Well DAMB. Mr. Jones basically said Diddy’s main talent isn’t music, it’s pushing stuff to the masses. OOP. I just love old people, because they don’t give half of a damb about what they say because nobody’s gonna check them. Say what you gotta say, Quincy!

Tamar Wants K. Michelle To Cease – On the first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, K. Michelle alleged that her ex-boyfriend, who is a music executive, ruined her career and beat her with his fists but she didn’t name names. However, after the show wrapped, she admitted that she was talking about Memphitz Wright, Toya’s husband. Tamar Braxton, who is good friends with Toya, tweeted about K.Michelle living in a “fairytale.”  K’s reply was on a radio show and she called Tamar a “muppet.” Accuracy of that statement be dambed, Tamar is now threatening legal action, through a cease and desist letter her lawyers sent K. Michelle. These messes… The YBF has the letter and the tea.

Usher Has a Stalker – Usher isn’t having the best year ever at all . On top of having to go to court with his ex-wife for custody of their boys, now he has a stalker. TMZ says a woman by the name of Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw has been showing up at his house banging on the door and asking to be let in. When Usher called the police, she tried to convince them that she’s his wife and has lost her keys to the house. Ma’am, why would the cops think you’re Usher’s wife? Especially since everyone knows he is now divorced. She was arrested and Usher got a temporary restraining order against her, hoping it’ll become permanent soon.

To top it all off, Darshelle posted a YouTube video saying how Usher’s been sending her money for a year, and her lawyers are going to file defamation charges against him. Oooookay ma’am. Whatever you say. Just try not to go to the man’s house demanding entrance. She might be telling the truth or suffering from delusions of grandeur. I hope Usher has strong security.

Flo Rida Fined For Lying – People will learn that lying in court is not wise at all.  This week, rapper Flo Rida was fined $7,000 for a judge, for perjury. A former employee of his, Mahogany Miller, is suing him for paying her $3.08 an hour, and firing her when she spoke up about her low pay. $3.08??? She can’t even buy a Big Mac meal after an hour of work!

Anyway, Flo Rida told the judge that he was never served papers for the lawsuit, saying they went to some woman he didn’t know named Stephany Nelson. Turns out that both of those were lies. Stephany is an employee of his, and he did get the papers. The judge was offended and asked Flo to pay Mahogany’s lawyers’ fees for wasting their time. WELP. Tell the truth and shame the devil next time, Flo. It’s that’s simple. Check out the deets on The Urban Daily.

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