This week, we see how Twitter is a publicists’ worst nightmare. I can imagine that for every 5 tweets from a celebrity (or reality TV show personality), one publicist jumps out a first floor balcony. And even off Twitter, celebs perpetually make the news for things that might not make their agents proud, with giving out TMI and embarrassing their accountants. So, here’s what happened this week in ratchet.

Joseline Proves She’s Not Joseph – Monday was the premiere of the new season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and it was an explosive episode. It is probably the most messy first episode of any reality TV show I’ve seen. One of the standout cast members is Joseline Hernadez, the Puerto Rican rapper who has become Stevie J’s protégé and lover, it seems. She reminds a lot of people of Rihanna, and has been dubbed “RihanNAWL” by me.

Anywho, Twittersphere wasn’t kind to Joseline on Monday night, with a lot of people alleging that she might have been born a man. Instead of ignoring this, she decides to prove people wrong, so she twitpics a naked picture of herself to show that she actually has a Love Pocket and not a magic stick. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Of course, she later deleted the picture, but not before it was saved and published across blogosphere. The moral of this story is: don’t do it, Ms. Celie. It ain’t worth it. Word to The Color Purple.

Lil Kim’s RollingLil Kim tweeted “me rolling my baby’s blunt” yesterday, and attached a picture of herself laying on a bed, rolling an actual blunt. After I blank stared for many seconds, I had questions. Like is she in the state of California while doing this? Is this for medicinal purposes? Are we really tweeting pictures of us with drugs that aren’t legal? I’m asking. For reasons.

By the way, the “baby” she was referring to is her new boyfriend, Mr. Papers, who’s been spotted with her this past week at various events. Kim is in love, and rolling blunts to prove it. People are out here super bold. Check out The YBF for more on this.

Evelyn Lozada’s Freakiness – Our favorite violent vixen, Evelyn Lozada, joined Kandi Burruss on her “Kandi Koated Nights” show for some girl talk. And she came with a kettle of tea to spill about her and OchoCinco’s love life. Necole Bitchie reports on Evelyn’s sexcapades in the bedroom, which includes stuff that might make some folks clutch their pearls.

She was also asked about the issue of Chad cheating, and apparently, she knows he does but doesn’t stress herself out over it. Ok, Ev. Whatever makes you sleep better at night. I guess she’s lowered her expectations all the way because he’s an athlete. However, it’s a bit odd that she’s so nonchalant about it, when on one of the episodes of “Basketball Wives” from season 2, she was going off on him about a lunch meeting he had with another woman. But hey, if she likes it, I love it.

Jennifer Williams’ Bentley Situation – Another Basketball wife is in the news this week, but it isn’t for sexing. Jennifer Williams’ Evelyn’s former BFF is not having a greak couple of weeks. First she was fired from the show last week, and now, she’s been hit with a lawsuit because she hasn’t paid her Bentley’s car note since 2009. So now, she owes Toyota over $92,000. TMZ reports that they’ve tried to get Jen to settle the payment but that didn’t work so now they want to repossess the car.

Reality TV show ladies need to find a way to stick with cars that their pockets can handle. This is like when Sheree got her Aston Martin repo’ed. Y’all better get you some Toyota Camrys or Kias and call it a day. All this flash that your pockets can’t handle.

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