Welcome to the first “This Week in Ratchet” where I’ll be giving you the scoop on some of the foolish happenings in entertainment for the week.

Misaccounting of Lauryn Hill – TMZ reported that Lauryn Hill has skipped out on 3 years of tax returns, and she earned over $1.6 million in those years. You’d think she’d have an accountant’s number under all those layers she wears. People will learn one day. You can get away with murder and all sorts of other terrible things but what you CANNOT get away with is tax evasion. The IRS doesn’t play with their money. As Wesley Snipes and Ronald Isley, who ended up sleeping between prison sheets when they didn’t pay Uncle Sam what they owed. Al Capone didn’t go to jail for being a terrible dude who killed folks and did all types of illegal stuff. He finally got his punishment because he didn’t pay his taxes. Don’t let this be you, Lauryn!

Flaming Lips Fiasco – This week, a video The Flaming Lips shot with Erykah Badu was released (or leaked) and it has people fighting the air. It’s a visual clusterdamb showing Erykah Badu naked in a tub, and then being progressively covered by various liquids and glitter, while whine singing a version of Roberta Flack’s “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” Well, her body double (her sister Nayrok), is the naked body we see first pouring glitter on herself, then a blood-like liquid, then some stringy milky substance that I’d like to refer to as “love juice.” And my description is not nearly capturing the complete grossness of the imagery.

But the video hasn’t been received for the “art” is was supposed to be. Now both Wayne Coyne (lead of the Flaming Lips) and Erykah Badu are saying it wasn’t the final cut. Erykah is even going as far as ranting on Twitter about how she feels exploited. Methinks that this back-peddling is all happening because no one was here for their gunk madness. Especially since May 29th, Erykah tweeted about loving the video, and called Wayne a “visionary.”  They both need more people.

What lane, Miguel?Rap-Up.com did a piece about how R & B singer, Miguel, is telling all artists to “stay out his lane” because he’s apparently going to come for them if they try to be his competition. Or something equally foolish. And all I ask is “What lane are you in, Miguel?” His lane must be the shoulder. Maybe on a really GOOD day, he’s in the bike lane. Folks need to focus more on what their doing and stop being worried about phantom competition. Yes, I’m looking at you, Miguel. And Lil Kim.

Cher and Chris Brown’s Faux Beef – Earlier this week, a fake Chris Brown account tweeted about “granny b*tch Cher” and threatened to beat her up. In true Twitter fashion, the stans jumped first and asked questions later, sending Chris all types of terrible tweets. So of course, they do the most with the least, dragging Brown like a sack. But for once, Chris is actually faultless in this and he tweets about how he has the utmost respect for the legend. Cher replies to him and shows him love and all is well. The moral of this story is Twitter is the den of Iniquity. Never forget. Read about this on MTV.com.

Nicki’s Manager Threatened With Lawsuit – You’ve probably heard of the whole Nicki Minaj HOT97 thing, where she refused to come on stage after being disrespected by the station DJ Peter Rosenberg and Lil Wayne told her to sit it out. Wells, Nicki’s manager and maybe boyfriend, Safaree, tweeted a threat saying he’ll punch the dude in the face. Now, Peter’s threatening to sue him. I think they all just need to have a seat in the corner. Word to the Urban Daily for the story.

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