The Colombian prostitution scandal has continued collateral damage as three more Secret Service employees were forced out of their jobs Tuesday, bringing the total to nine. Two of the employees are resigning, while a third is having his security clearance revoked and will leave the agency. The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), is not saying if they've left "in disgrace".

Two more agency employees have been cleared of any wrongdoing, which was confirmed in a statement by the Secret Service's assistant director Paul Morrissey. All 12 Secret Service employees suspected of misconduct in Cartagena ahead of the president's trip there for the Summit of the Americas have been dealt with by the agency. Six resigned or were fired last week, while another employee was cleared. "At this point, all twelve have either been cleared of serious misconduct, resigned, retired, been notified of personnel actions to permanently revoke their security clearance, or have been proposed for permanent removal for cause," Morrissey said.