As time progresses, the state of T.I. and Tiny’s marriage becomes more and more unclear.

One minute he’s telling her that he’d “make a better friend than husband.” The next, they’re island hopping while taking family vacations.

In December, Tiny filed for divorce, but the two appear to have a strong bond. The latest public display of affection? When T.I. took to Instagram to reminisce on the couple’s love, and he did so on their seventh anniversary.

“Happy 7th Anniversary Mrs H. Looking at these pics Seems like the time flew by,” he captioned a series of photos. “Never a dull moment… Everyday we LIT!!!! Stay making this Family sh*t look sexy. They ain’t never seen sh*t like US!!!!”

While T.I. and Tiny’s marriage may not be cut and dry, their love for each other is for sure.

Happy anniversary guys!