If you only had 48-hours and a budget of $2,000 to renovate a space in your home, what would you do? At first thought, this seems like an impossible challenge. But Tia Mowry along with a team of professional designers at Tastemade are showing us that it can be done in the streaming series, Weekend Refresh.

In this latest season—airing Nov. 23, 2022—Mowry and the pros will show several families and couples how to take everyday items found in their homes and repurpose them through fun DIY projects that also turn out to be great bonding moments as well.

"The thing I learned in filming this show is that you don't necessarily need a large budget or to bring in bulldozers and knock down walls to refresh a room in your home," Mowry told EBONY. "I love that you can change your space with easy, practical things, such as using what you already had lying around in the garage."

Mowry was blown away by every reveal, but one that stood out to her was when a couple took old plant pots they had outside, repainted them, and flipped them upside down for a set of like-new end tables in their living room.

"To be able to recycle things and be creative is what I love about this show. It's inspiring and shows that you can do things with a small budget in just a few days," shared Mowry. "When you see my excitement, it is very genuine because I really could not believe what they were able to do. For instance, another couple took bedsheets and somehow transformed them into a gorgeous painting for their wall. Like wow! The rooms really have an incredible before and after and they look amazing."

Image: courtesy of Weekend Refresh.

Even if you feel like DIY projects aren't for you, Mowry emphasizes that it all starts with your perspective.

"Start off slow and with something small like painting. Painting a space or room really can change the look with just a new color," advised Mowry. "It's all about having fun. And it, in the end, becomes more about the experience. It's rewarding as well because once you're done you have something amazing to show for your hard work."

As a mother to two growing children, the twin actress shares that she, too, enjoys doing DIY projects in her own home, at least once a year.

"The latest project we did was my son's room. He's growing up, and we've now turned it into a room that will work for him in his teens," shared the actress. "We painted and added new bedding. The colors are more mature, and we added in accents that reflect his personality. It's a lot of fun because your home style is an expression of you, and you should refresh your space as much as you like. Your space should evolve as you evolve in life."