Tiffany Haddish and Ike Barinholtz star in The Oath, a comedy thriller, about an interracial married couple trying to survive Thanksgiving without destroying family ties.

According to Vulture, the movie was written and directed by Barinholtz. Haddish’s character, Kai, attends Thanksgiving at the family home of her husband, Chris, and has to sit through inflammatory comments about race made by his relatives. What makes the holiday season a bit more chaotic is that citizens are asked to sign an oath of loyalty to the United States president by Black Friday. Things take a turn for the worse when two government agents show up at the door.

The Oath is talking about something I believe is possible and that I feel like we need to pay more attention to as a nation and as a people,” Haddish told the Finger Lakes Times.

The Girls Trip actor is set to star in three films this fall, including Night School alongside Kevin Hart and the Tyler Perry-directed Nobody’s Fool.

The Oath is scheduled to release in theaters nationwide on Oct. 12.