Tiffany Haddish has lived a pretty eventful life, which is why her latest revelation doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

While promoting new film Night School with Kevin Hart, the Los Angeles comic shared that she once auditioned for popular VH1 series Flavor of Love.

During a promo segment with Wired, Haddish answered commonly researched questions surrounding her name, one being, “Is Tiffany Haddish New York?”

Not to be confused with Tiffany Pollard, the real “New York,” Haddish responded, “Hell nah, I ain’t New York. I got all my real titties and ass.”

She went on to say she tried out for the show, but changed her mind once she discovered who would be her love interest.

“You know I auditioned for that show but when I found out it was Flavor Flav you had to be in the house with, I was like ‘Oh no thank you. I don’t want this job. No thank you.’”

Check out the interview below.