Tiffany Haddish had some questions for the IRS on Friday. The comedian shared a video on Instagram, in which she hilariously expressed her gripe with the taxation process.

“I want to know how come I pay my taxes on time every year. . .  and even if I’m just a little bit short, you send me a notice to remind me that I’m short or  I need to pay a little bit more,” Haddish said. “But you never, ever, ever send . . . anything to say, ‘You know what, Tiffany? We appreciate that you out here busting your a** making all this money, and we taking about 51 percent of your money.'”

The Emmy-winning comedian screwed up her face before asking, “Can you just say ‘Thank you,’ IRS?”

Haddish went on to say how much it “hurts” to pay her taxes. Watch her hilarious request for a birthday card above.