There have been requests for comedians Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph to work together after the two hilariously presented at the Oscars 2018. During one of their two segments, the funny women questioned if the awards were too Black now.

The Daily Beast is reporting that Haddish and Rudolph will appear in a Paul Thomas Anderson movie together. The Girls Trip star told the publication since the Oscars she and the couple have been constantly speaking about working together.

Haddish and Tracy Morgan were doing an interview at SXSW for their TBS series The Last O.G., when she shared the news. Haddish revealed that she, Anderson and Rudolph have been exchanging ideas on the direction of the film and that they are “going to figure something out.” Haddish said she would like to be onscreen with Rudolph. When speaking on Anderson and Rudolph’s relationship, she said, “You know, she’s already the star of his life. Now, if I could just be a little co-star, that would be super awesome. I would be really happy with that.”

Rudolph and Haddish’s chemistry mirrored that of longtime friends but the women met just a couple of days prior to the Oscars. Tiffany acknowledged the instant connection between her and Maya. “And people have been telling me for years, you should meet Maya, you guys would get along,” she said.

Tracy Morgan who worked with Maya Rudolph on Saturday Night Live also expressed how talented she is.