We’d probably do the same thing if we saw Meryl Streep in person.

On Sunday, Tiffany Haddish was at the 90th Academy Awards when she noticed the three-time Oscar winner walking the red carpet.

The never shy Haddish ran over and jumped over a rope as Streep approached. The two actresses hugged and Haddish even curtsied to Streep before sprinting back to finish her interview.

Streep had told ABC’s Michael Strahan on the red carpet that she was looking to “bump into” Streep so they could talk.

No word on what the two spoke about, but Haddish did say she wants Streep to play her mother in a sequel to Girls Trip. 

When Haddish took the stage to present an award alongside Maya Rudolph, she finally told Streep her wish.

“I want you to be my mama one day,” Haddish said to laughs from the audience. “Let’s get this money, girl.”