After landing an award-winning role in the movie “Girls Trip,” comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish is well on her way to Hollywood stardom. With all her dreams manifesting, the 37-year-old has one ultimate goal: to take care of her mother who is mentally ill.

Haddish recently shared an excerpt of her new memoir The Last Black Unicorn with People magazine. In the book, Haddish opens up about her abusive relationship with her mother. The rising star said her mother suffered serious brain damage after she was in a car accident, causing her to become hostile toward her daughter.

“After the accident, oh my God, she would say the worst things to me, like ‘You look like your ugly ass daddy, I hate him. I hate you.’” Haddish divulges in the memoir. “She couldn’t get all her words out, so she’d just punch me. Just full on. Because of her I can take a punch like nobody’s business. Teachers would ask, ‘Why’s Tiffany’s lip busted?’ I didn’t say anything. As bad as she was to me, I still couldn’t help but love her.”

When Haddish was 13 years old, her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and placed in a mental hospital. She and her four younger siblings were put in foster care.

“My mom is still alive, in a mental institution,” she continues in the book. “My goal is to get enough money to buy a duplex. I want to put her in one of the units and hire a full-time nurse to take care of her. Then I want to get her whatever medications she needs so she can be my mama again. Honestly, that’s all I really want in life.”

The Last Black Unicorn goes on sale Dec. 5