Tiffany Haddish just shared her mind with a TMZ reporter for failing to help her and her girlfriends load up their car with a number of heavy bags.

Haddish, who had just arrived at LAX, took to her social media account to blast the cameraman. She claims that for a long period of time as she and her friends struggled to pack “18 bags” into their car, the TMZ person just watched them do so. After they were finished loading the car, she says, he then approached her to answer questions for the gossip site. Clearly irritated by the situation, Haddish snaps in a video she uploaded to her Instagram.

“The man standing up on the pillar watching me and my girls … load this Escalade up all by ourselves. He stood there and watched us do it, holding the camera. As soon as we finish he’s going to come on over and ask ‘Can I ask you some questions?'” Haddish continues, “If you don’t get out my face … you could’ve helped us, and I would have talked to your a** for 30-45 minutes. I would’ve told you everything,” the comedian says before quipping, “I would’ve told you who the f**k bit Beyonce.