Although society has come a long way in its understanding of HIV and how to prevent it, there is still so much stigma and miseducation spread about those who have contracted the STI.

Tina Knowles-Lawson sat down with EBONY correspondent Jenn Rodriguez to discuss her latest work for the "Me In You, You In Me" video campaign, which brings much needed attention to the virus. In the campaign, Knowles-Lawson and sports analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose discuss the importance of having conversations about HIV for reasons of safety and enlightenment.

Knowles- Lawson is passionate about advocating for HIV awareness after losing a relative to the virus and hopes to encourage people not to lose their sense of humanity when discussing the complexities of those living with HIV. "My best friend growing up was my nephew Johnny. He passed away from HIV. He died pretty early on and there were not all of this prevention and medication [back then]. It just breaks my heart that he wasn't born later to get the help that he needed. So, I do whatever i can to help with HIV protection awareness," said Knowles-Lawson.

To watch the full interview and learn more about the "Me In You, You In Me" campaign, check out the video below: