Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris of Xscape recently sat down with group mate Kandi Burruss’ on her latest show, Kandi Koated Nights.

During the interview amongst friends, Harris opened up about her tumultuous relationship with husband, rapper T.I., as he reportedly stepped out on the singer, leading to her filing for divorce. In their worst moments, the recent ASCAP honoree admitted to hiring a private investigator to follow her hubby, a move she clearly doesn’t regret.

“It worked out…I definitely would [recommend it], it’s expensive though. But it worked out.”

Harris also addressed whispers that she cheated with, or at the very least was inappropriately close to, boxer Floyd Mayweather, admitting they flirted at a time when Tip wasn’t paying her enough attention. Still, things ended there, contrary to what many believe.

“That was really a buzzkill for me because everybody was like, ‘I ain’t talking to her. This man done swung on the heavyweight champion. No! Tell her to stay away!’ But I didn’t really cheat. I didn’t have any sex. He flirted with me. I think that was fine. Everybody needs a little attention, especially if she ain’t getting it. If you ain’t giving it she’s gonna go get it somewhere else.”

Check out the clip below.