The phrase "baby mama drama" was an understatement on a recent "Dr. Phil" episode. Former footballer Terrell "T.O." Owens was confronted by not one, not two, but all three of his babies' mothers. Each accused Owens of being a cheap, absentee father who refuses to buy even Christmas or birthday gifts for his children because they cannot be deducted from his child support. What's even worse, the women claim that Owens had tried to introduce all four of his children to one another for the first time on his reality show, just to project a false image of him being a stand-up father.

Owens challenged these accusations with the age-old "gold-digger" defense, claiming that the women only see him as an ATM and are itching to drain his bank account dry. As for his parenting skills, Owens blamed his father's absence from his life as a young man. Apparently, despite his obvious scarring from not having a good father, Owens sees no need to break the cycle. The real victims of this drama are clearly Owens' children, none of whom chose their parents but will ultimately be shaped by their immature actions and bickering ways.