Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks’ son Chester Hanks has apologized following videos of the 28-year-old using the n-word in 2015 resurfacing online.

Chester, also known by rap moniker Chet Haze, used the term both casually in conversation and within his music. At the time, Haze defended himself by saying he’s a part of hip hop culture, and therefore, should be allowed to use the term, according to The Jasmine Brand. During a recent discussion on Van Lathan’s The Red Pill podcast, he admitted he was essentially “trolling” for attention and apologized. He also claims drugs played a factor.

“Number one, I was on a lot of drugs…I wanted to be, like, down, you know what I mean? I just felt like I wasn’t enough. Low-key, like subconsciously, looking back on it now I realize I was trolling. I thought, like, crazy antics and just wilding the f*ck out and doing some crazy sh*t was going to, like, spark my career.

“I did the ultimate lame thing. I did the ultimate cornball thing. And that sh*t wasn’t cool.”

While Hanks is apologizing, rapper Remy Ma recently shared her opinion that anyone can use the n-word, as long as they’re not using it as a racial slur.

“I don’t usually get offended, regardless of what your nationality is if I feel like you’re not using it as a racial slur. I hear it so frequently from people who aren’t black people,” she continued. “Like Fat Joe, he’s the blackest Spanish guy on this planet earth and I’ve never questioned it.”

Check it out below, beginning at the 30 minute mark.