Just days after R. Kelly’s publicist, lawyer and executive assistant resigned from their posts, radio legend Tom Joyner is now refusing to play the Chicago crooner’s music from here on out.

Joyner came to the decision after a conversation with #MeToo creator Tarana Burke, who has also supported the #MuteRKelly movement and asked the morning show host to stop playing the “I Wish” singer’s music out of support for women and girls who have been sexually violated.

“There is a lot of work happening, but we need help. We need The Tom Joyner Morning Show to stop supporting R. Kelly. That’s one of the things that would help,” Burke told Joyner on Jacque Reid’s “Inside Her Story” segment.

The influential host responded, saying “OK, you got it. I’ll do that right now. I won’t play any more R. Kelly music.”

Burke expressed her gratitude and went on to hammer home the importance of valuing Black women more than enjoying a few catchy tunes.

“We have to question what is more valuable, the lives and livelihood and wholeness and healthiness of Black women and girls or some music? It’s not just about playing his music; it’s about supporting him in ways that keep him wealthy so that he can continue to prey on Black women.”

Listen to the interview below.