Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren is, yet again, catching social media backlash after telling former first lady Michelle Obama to “sit down.”

During a speech encouraging Las Vegas residents to participate in the midterm elections, Obama encouraged the crowd to always let their voices be heard through their votes.

“If we want qualified people that we trust, then you have to vote. You can’t vote some of the time and then sit out, you know?

“We saw that happen, and we experienced that. And we had a great president. But every couple of years, folks sat out. They said, ‘Well, I did my part. I voted once. I’m done. I’m out.’ But I’m just telling you that democracy doesn’t work that way.”

Lahren took issue with Obama, in reference to her husband, Barack Obama, saying America “had” a great president.

“Michelle Obama said we “had” a great president. By what measure?,” tweeted 26-year-old Lahren. “Not in economic growth. Not in border enforcement. Not in strength on the world stage. Sit down, Michelle.”

Lahren was immediately called out for her disrespectful tone. Take a look at a few responses below.