Thomas “Tommy” Mikal Ford’s laugh was everything – boisterous, sarcastic in tone at times, but always animated.

It packed enough gut and feeling that it easily made you laugh and enjoy the moment. The characteristic trait was threaded throughout much of his career. Whether it was drama or situational comedy, you can bet on seeing Tommy tilt his head back and roar with humor – and if it was a scene from the cult-classic show Martin, it was probably followed by a drawn-out “dawg” and a fist pound.

And that’s one way the multi-talented actor will be remembered. Ford passed away Wednesday, due to complications from a stomach aneurysm.

Most notably known for his role as “Tommy Strawn” on the hit sitcom, Martin, Tommy’s talents led him into various independent films, short films and even the director’s chair. But it was his time on the hilarious comedy and the infamous “Tommy, you ain’t got no job!” line that would keep us hooked and him forever a prominent figure in Black culture.

Let’s travel down memory lane to…

…that time Tommy had an overnight stay at “The Parker’s” residence

…when Tommy took it to Harlem and met up with Mr. Quick

…and when he was cutting up in “Class Act”

..and of course his unforgettable five seasons with co-star Martin Lawrence

Though his comedic side was bright, Tommy was a helluva dramatic actor as well. Peep his skills below:

Tommy’s Acting Range

Rest up, Tommy.

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