YouTube personality, Tommy Sotomayor, rose to fame by dumping on Black women in social media videos. Some of the gems you can find on his YouTube channels include, “Name the Only Race of Women Willing to Stand in Line for Hours to Buy Bundles of Other Humans Hair,” “Black Chicks Start PoundCakin’ Each Other in the Middle of the Street” and “Tommy Sotomayor Explains How Black Women Are Openly Beggars When Dating.”

Now, it appears that Tommy Sotomayor (nee Thomas Jerome Harris) may have bad-mouthed Black women just one too many times, as the fight is now on to have any and all of his channels, videos and promos permanently removed from YouTube.

A petition is circulating to get Sotomayor’s videos scrubbed from the site, citing the “incalculable amounts of emotional, psychological and physical harm” Sotomayor’s videos have inflicted on Black women and girls. The petition is asking YouTube, Google co-founders, Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt who serves as the executive chairman of the Board of Directors for Alphabet Inc. and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai to be “responsible” and stop providing a platform for Sotomayor to “purposely denigrate and demean Black women and girls and Black people in general.”

In addition to the standard disgust surrounding Sotomayor’s content, the petition’s authors also allege that his message has now “escalated” beyond criticizing Black women and now includes “threats of physical violence on the street toward Black women.” They’ve asked the content be removed from the site before it leads to actual harm against Black women.

The petition seems to be gaining traction. Around the time this article was published, 8,960 supporters had signed on to have the channels removed—a little under the petition’s 10,000-signature goal. A petition update indicates that several of Sotomayor’s channels have already begun to be removed from the site.

And that must really suck for him.

But I have to admit that I really don’t feel bad for him at all.  In fact, what I actually hope is that Tommy’s learning something new about Black women. We may stand in line “for our bundles,“ but what we’re absolutely not going stand for is the base degradation of ourselves, our mothers and our daughters for his personal, social and financial gain.

How do you like us now, Tommy?!  I tell you what, put it in your next YouTube vide…oh, wait, I’m sorry.