Fans of both R&B diva Toni Braxton and hip-hop mogul Bryan “Birdman” Williams were in shock upon discovering they were an item last year.

Well, prepare to brace yourselves again, as little sister Tamar may have just revealed that the couple has eloped and already tied the knot.

During her sitdown with TV talk show host Wendy Williams, the “Blind” singer shared that their mother had a major health scare recently that traumatized the family. Still, Baby made it a point to be there “like a real brother-in-law.”

“My mother got sick the other day, Sunday she told us she’s having heart surgery on Monday. She has the heart surgery and she gets to her room and 30 minutes later she has a stroke on top of it.

“[Birdman] was there the whole time! I think that’s my brother-in-law, I do. I think they eloped. I’m telling you, they is married.”

Toni has also gushed over the New Orleans businessman, sharing exactly how she felt during the Season Five finale of Braxton Family Values.

“B [Birdman] called me the other day, yesterday actually, and he was just like, ‘T, I want you to hang out with me, whatever it is, let’s just do something.’ I have anxiety and bubbles in my tummy and stuff. I don’t know what’s going on with me.”

The singer revealed that she experienced that kind of nervous joy only from performing until the “Always Strapped” rapper entered her life.

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“You ever been scared to be happy? I haven’t been happy in a long time outside of work. Work brings me extreme happiness. When I’m on stage and I’m performing, that’s the only time that I get those butterflies and I feel totally happy with my life.”

She continued, “A romantic relationship? I haven’t had time for that—I should say, I chose not to make time for it but it’s right here in front of my face: happiness.”

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