After announcing her upcoming albumSex & Cigarettes, a few weeks ago, Toni Braxton shared the accompanying video to her first single “Deadwood.”

The sexy black and white clip spotlights Braxton as the center of attention as she sings seductively behind a vintage mic. With a cellist by her side she croons, “Just want to let you know, I won’t let this one go / You got me down, but I ain’t out.” Visual effects such as broken glass, lightning bolts, cigar smoke and sparkly diamonds dazzle viewers in between her performance scenes.

Later, she is joined by her attractive co-star, whom she previously spoke about. “There is this guy in the video who’s super sexy,” she said. “I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of him. He’s great eye candy.”

Sex & Cigarettes is Toni’s first solo project since Pulse, which dropped in 2010. Tune into “Deadwood” below.