Love is always in the air, and anytime is the perfect time to propose to the love of your life. Celebrity event planner and star of VH1's Celebrity Dream Wedding, Tori Williams, has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to memorable proposals and jaw-dropping weddings. As the owner of a full-service wedding design and floral company, she's a literal one-stop-shop for all things to impress your significant other.

"First and foremost, you want to listen to the person you're proposing to," shares Williams. "Your significant other will always drop hints on what it is they want. If they don't like large crowds, seek out something more intimate. You always want to keep their wants at the top of mind."

VH1 celebrity event planner Tori Williams. Image: courtesy of Tori Williams.

During our chat with the celebrity event planner, we asked her to drop some of her expert tips for pulling off a proposal that will bring your special someone to their knees.

Don't let being on a budget hold you back from proposing

For many folks, financial situations can hinder their desire to propose. They feel as though the occasion won't be as special due to a lack of resources at that time, but Williams says there are ways around that.

"If you're on a budget, just get creative," advises the celebrity planner. "Go to the dollar store and purchase a ton of candles and put them everywhere. Get some rose petals, cook a nice meal and just really make the moment special. I always tell people, proposals don't require a lot of money."

Think outside the box

Does your significant other love going for walks in the park? Or, helicopter rides? Always seek to be unique while incorporating the things that they like, and don't be afraid to be over-the-top if your budget allows for it.

"Brainstorm the activities your boo enjoys or even their favorite destinations," says Wiliams. "One of my favorite client proposals was when we created a maze with a scavenger hunt. The woman had to go through it, and she received love letters from her boyfriend along the way. Near the end, there were photos of them over the years. In the final room, we dropped a curtain, and he was behind it on one knee, with the 'Marry Me' signs lit up in the background. She absolutely lost it! I live for the dramatics."

There is no wrong time to get engaged

While the popular time to get engaged is during the holiday season, mostly due to the fact that your family and friends will all be in one place, Williams stresses that at the end of the day it should be completely up to you. "You do it when you feel like the time is right," shares the celebrity events planner.