Fans of Kevin Hart know his marriage to first wife, Torrei Hart, wasn’t always the smoothest. The comic has used their past relationship in his stand-up act several times, with the media sharing even more details about the Harts’ family dynamic over the years.

At one point, Torrei and Hart’s current wife, Eniko Parrish, appeared to be at odds, but they eventually resolved their issues for the sake of their children. Still, the Philadelphia beauty is vulnerable enough to share how she made it through her lowest point after seeing her ex go public with the woman she believed to be his mistress.

In a new interview with the Hip Hop Socialite, Hart reveals that she had thoughts of suicide after Kevin & Eniko became official.

“These were moments right around when Kevin went public with Eniko. You know, it was hard for me to see that because, you know, that was my husband, that was my family, and to see him move on and so publicly, that was hard for me,” the mother of two confessed. “So there were days I didn’t want to get out of bed, there were days when I didn’t want to go on and I was like well what do I need to live for?”

The support of her close family and friends helped her move forward.

“In those moments, I would get calls from my mother, I would get calls from my sister, and they would be like, ‘Torrei, you have kids to live for. You have stuff to look forward to. Trust me, this is nothing.’ And my mother has been through a lot in life as well, and she told me you are so young, you’ll have so much more, and I look back at those moments now like, ‘dag, did I really think that life was over?’”

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