Men: It’s time to stop assuming you are psychically connected to what your partner wants. 
Women: Being just a one- or two-trick pony gets tired—fast. 
Everyone: It’s time to step up your game, and it all starts with a simple touch. 
“You never know which part of the body when caressed will drive a person crazy. It’s a mystery. That’s why certain zones are hot for one individual but you can touch another person and it doesn’t do anything,” explains Eric Amaranth, a sex educator ( “You have to explore. I suggest you start with general areas; the trick, however, is to pay attention to what evokes a powerful response.” Amaranth also tells clients to remember that the fun should be mutual.  “It’s a turn-on, particularly for guys, when the partner is into it,” he adds. “Show your excitement by the way you touch your partner and through your facial expression, the way you breathe and the sound of your voice. I call it perving out on your partner—in a positive way, of course.” 
 What are the key erogenous zones for men and women? Amaranth breaks down the most stimulating areas:
1. Lock Lips
It’s not just about kissing; lips are a big erogenous zone. Try lightly caressing  his with your fingertips,  brushing backward or forward lightly.
2. Squeeze and grind
Want to let your guy know you think he’s hot? Grab his butt! Try rubbing slowly, with just a little pressure, against the buttocks.
3. Lick the tip of his tongue
Play around with French kissing, focusing on the tip and top areas of his tongue. Make sure to use a spiraling motion.
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