She shared the details of her “strong and sexy” workout routine and diet plan.

Tracee Ellis Ross has a killer body: curves for days and she is still able to pull off a sports bra and leggings. When the Golden Globe winner dropped the information for her health regimen, we were taking notes. “I do a lot of Tracy Anderson Method; I really love that method,” she recently told POPSUGAR. “I love being in the heat; we work out in a really hot room there, and it really works for me. I love sweating; it’s one of the ways that I process everything that goes on during the week and move it through my body. It’s always really loud music and great music, which I love, and the workout changes every 10 sessions, so even if you take classes, it changes every 10 days, it changes … I love that! I never get bored.”

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The mix of a high-intensity workout routine and flexible eating keeps her on track. “I’ve been doing it for about five years. I feel sexy and strong and beautiful when I’m working out. The movements are very dancer-esque, and I’ve been really enjoying it,” she told the publication. The effects of a good workout on her mind and self-esteem far outweigh the vanity of how her body looks in a red carpet gown.

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Tracee extends this confidence in her body to how she navigates the rules of her diet. She eats a healthy diet without much dairy, sugar and gluten, but she also doesn’t fear indulging in treats. “I’m a big salty person; I love olives, I love potato chips, I love french fries … . I am not somebody who will sit down and eat a small bag of potato chips … I eat the whole bag!” Another case of celebrities being just like us.