Tracee Ellis Ross sat down with host Chris Spencer for an intimate conversation on Aspire TV’s Icons, Idols + Influencers. The black-ish star talked about overcoming her challenges with self-esteem during moments when the entertainment industry causes self-doubt

“Insecurity and self-doubt is a part of daily life and I’m a human being that has a vulnerable soul,” Ross said. “I do risky things in my career, so that crops up all the time. I think loving yourself is a daily activity that requires compassion and kindness, and it’s something I’ve learned how to do.”

During times of shame and low self-esteem, the actress said she finds counsel in the people closest to her. “Those are moments when I lean into other people—into my friends, those that can love me when I can’t love myself.”

Ross’ episode of Icons, Idol + Influencers will air on Aspire TV tonight at 7:30 p.m. EST.

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Tracee Ellis Ross