Entertainment events company PJAM has sued Rodeo rapper Travis Scott for backing out of a tour date just days after the birth of his daughter, Stormi, whom he shares with reality show star Kylie Jenner.

Blast reports the 25-year-old, born Jacques Webster, has been sued by PJAM for missing a contractually obligated performance at Myth Live nightclub near Minneapolis on February 3, one day before the Super Bowl. Baby Stormi was born February 1.🖤

“Despite his contractual obligations, [Scott] refused to show up for the event,” read court documents.

The Houston producer signed the contract Janaury 24 and was paid $150,000 in advance, according to  Blast. Court documents suggest he never paid it back after missing the gig. Additionally, a private jet was arranged for his travel needs.

“As a result of this breach, [PJAM] suffered significant damages including the sums paid to XX Global [the legal agent and representative of Scott] and [Scott] and their booking agent, the sums paid to arrange Webster’s travel, the sums paid to advertise the event, lease the venue and hire staff, and the lost profits [PJAM] would have realized on this event,” the suit states.

The company is requesting a jury trial, asking for damages, coverage of attorney fees and prejudgment interest.