Travis Turner is starring in the Netflix animated series Spy Kids: Mission CriticalHe was recently asked by TMZ if he is concerned that there will be backlash because he is a White person doing the voiceover for a Black character. Turner says he has thought about the possibility but defends his choice because he has rap songs with WC and Snoop Dogg. He notes that he relates to the urban community by saying, “I come from an urban background. I’ve lived in motels.” Turner then goes on to declare that he sponsors some Black youth.

The actor also faulted social media for creating a rift in race relations. He believes everything should be about community and support because he grew up on Chris Rock was made jokes about race. Turner further points out it isn’t cultural appropriation because there isn’t anyone else suited for the role.

Listen to him explain his decision and rap in the clip above. Spy Kids will premiere on the streaming platform on April 20.