Trayvon Martin was killed by a gunshot to the chest, fired from an "intermediate range," according to an autopsy report from the Volusia County medical examiner. The March 15th report details the injuries to Martin, who was shot to death by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman on February 26th. Martin suffered a penetrating gunshot wound on the left side of his chest. The entrance wound was created at "intermediate range," but it is not clear how close that would place Zimmerman and Martin. The bullet passed through Martin's left ventricle "from the front to the back," and it entered into his lungs, creating "perforations."

The only other apparent injury to Martin was an abrasion on one of his ring fingers, about a quarter to one-eighth of an inch long. The three-page medical reports also comes with hundreds of pages of evidence, along with 67 CDs containing photos, and surveillance video which includes footage from the 7-11 where Martin purchased iced tea and candy prior to the confrontation with Zimmerman. Zimmerman faces second degree murder charges in the slaying.