This coming Father's Day will mark the first one that Tracy Martin, father of Trayvon, will spend without his son. Appearing in a video for the holiday, Tracy asks viewers to contact their governors and review the controversial "Stand Your Ground" laws around the nation. In a one-minute video, Martin shares his thoughts about the meaning of Sunday's holiday and the importance of reviewing what he called "dangerous laws." Martin quoted a statistic, remarking that 30,000 fathers in 2011 lost a child to senseless gun violence. Martin, who appears in photos with his late son, asked that viewers share the message of the video with officials in their state.

"If we do, next year, thousands of more dads will have a happy Father's Day together with their children and not the toughest one of their life without them," he said. The video, which was posted on YouTube on Wednesday, was similar to a video posted by Trayvon Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, for Mother's Day.