Spa Week is upon us. What better way to step into the season but by pampering yourself to a luxurious and soothing spa treatment. Here our editors give the lowdown on a few of the treatments —from diamond microdermabrasion, aromatherapeutic massages and decadent facials—  that are on offer to sample for $50 at the most luxe spas around your town. Hurry and book your appointment. Spa week lasts through April 22. 



ADDRESS: 875 3rd Ave, M-101, New York, NY 10022

SERVICE RECEIVED: Spa Week 45 min Massage with Aromatherapy


THE DEETS: KUR Skin Lab’s aromatherapy massage begins with your choice of customized essential oils blended to fit your specific needs, from boosting energy to relieving joint and muscle pain. After sharing that I often suffer from upper back problems with my masseuse, she concentrated her efforts where I needed it most while giving my full body the works. Incorporating elements of lymphatic massage, I immediately felt the release of muscle tension and increased blood circulation as she diligently kneaded the stress out of my system. She also added hot stones to warm and loosen tight muscles, making for a more effective rubdown.

EDITOR’S VERDICT: KUR Skin Lab’s Midtown East facility offers an extensive selection of facials and massages to fit your budget, body and skincare needs. I felt noticeably lighter the following day, and while there was initially some residual pain in areas where she applied more pressure, that soon subsided in exchange for noticeably increased energy and decreased muscle tension. The staff was also extremely courteous, making the experience truly worth it.


SALON: The White Tea Med Spa

ADDRESS: 104 W 14th St, Ste. 2C, New York, NY 10011

SERVICE RECEIVED: 50 Min Diamond Microdermabrasion + Diamond Eye Treatment


THE DEETS: After removing my foundation and cleansing the skin, the diamond-tipped wand was passed over my acne-prone visage several times, exfoliating dead cells that my best at-home scrubs couldn’t get to. Microdermabrasion is highly recommended for those with acne scars and hyperpigmentation, with the White T Spa performing the procedure on countless women of color. This ensures that our unique skin types will be cared for properly without the fear of further damaging our gorgeous melanin, a concern many Black and Brown women have regarding spas and other professional skincare facilities.

EDITOR’S VERDICT: While 3-4 sessions are recommended to see major improvement, my skin immediately felt softer, smoother and tighter after one session. The owners and staff were also extremely accommodating and down to earth, making clients feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they walk in the door. For a beautiful experience, inside and out, head to White Tea Spa.


SALON NAME: Smooth Synergy Cosmedical Spa

ADDRESS: 139 E. 57th Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10022

SERVICE RECEIVED:  Silver Sculpt Facial


THE DEETS: At Smooth Synergy, the worlds of beauty and science are brilliantly blended together, insuring optimal results for an ever-expanding clientele. While the spa offers a long list of treatments for spa goers to consider, ranging anywhere from microdermabrasion and laser hair removal to hand treatments and—ahem—fanny facials, I decided to give the Silver Sculpt Facial the good old “tried and true” test. A soothing cleanser is applied to the skin, followed by their signature “Glow & Go” lactic peel to further cleanse and exfoliate. After the impurities have been removed, a Vita-C mist is spritzed onto the face to protect against photo-aging and to start bringing moisture back into the skin. The face is then massaged, extracted and moisturized, but what makes this facial a unique gem is the step where a “silver” mask is massaged into to your skin with a diamond sculpt roller—brightening and firming your it at once. This treatment ends with a Vita-C plant stem cell serum and oil-free moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid to boost your complexion and amp up the moisture, without clogging the pores.

EDITOR’S VERDICT: The facial really refreshed my skin. It looked glowy afterwards and much smoother and softer. I highly recommend it for its relaxing and restorative effects.


SALON NAME: FACE + BODY by Dorit Baxter

ADDRESS: 204 E. 60th Street, Suite 2, New York, NY 10022

SERVICE RECEIVED:  Mandarin & Mango Body Scrub (BODY Foundation)


THE DEETS: Nestled on the 2nd floor of a nondescript building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, FACE+ BODY by Dorit Baxter, is a warm and inviting sanctuary for the average on-the-go spa consumer. Known for cultivating a wellness-oriented environment with a touch of bespoke, this spa’s Mandarin & Mango Body Scrub treatment felt right at home. During this treatment, the skin is gently exfoliated, from top to bottom, with a vitamin-C infused hydrating sugar scrub. While many body scrubs contain salt-based products, this relaxing treatment infuses sugar, which is known to easily dissolve into the skin as the body’s temperature increase. With trace amounts of sugar left on the skin, the body is covered with a hot steam towel causing the sugar crystals to break down even further. Then it’s wicked away with a towel and a deeply hydrating essential oil is massaged evenly over the skin.

EDITOR’S VERDICT: With spring finally upon us, I can’t think of a better way to scrub away the harsh winter blues. This treatment leaves the skin feeling noticeably smooth and soft to the touch. Try it. I guarantee, you’ll leave feeling confident and silky smooth.