For so long, the reality that race matters in America has been swept under the rug and brushed off.

Race is that touchy subject that gets people sensitive, riled up or afraid to truly express their thoughts – be its controversial nature or resistance toward being judged by personal beliefs and opinions.

But the conversation, as heated and debatable as it may be is one of importance because the truth is being Black in America is blatantly different from being White in America.

We’ve seen those differences play out in the justice system and even through stories shared by celebrities and public figures. And we’re not talking about the “whoa, it’s me” pity parties. We’re talking split decisions made based off of the color of one’s skin.

What’s happening now is that the conversation is leaving the privacy of our homes and making its way to mainstream platforms forcing people to face the realities of society.

Yes, for some, it’s uncomfortable. But life sure ain’t all roses and the relaxation felt when sipping red wine.

Wednesday night, “The Daily Show” took it there as host Trevor Noah faced off with TheBlaze host Tomi Lahren.

During their lengthy debate, the liberal (Noah) and the conservative (Lahren) touched on everything from the Affordable Care Act to Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump’s hot mic conversation which caused Billy Bush his gig at The Today Show.

It was a spicy exchange and as Noah is known to do, he delivered when challenging Lahren’s views on Colin Kaepernick’s choice of protest along with her commentary on Black Lives Matter and the KKK.

Watch the exchange that has the Interwebs buzzing below.

And here’s just a taste of what social media had to say…

Watch the full discussion, here.