The Daily Show host Trevor Noah gave hilarious commentary about the GOP’s indirect racism through voter ID laws, during Thursday’s Between the Scenes segment.

Just ahead of the midterm elections on Nov. 6, many states across the country including Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, Missouri and Kansas are making headlines for the restrictive voter ID laws and purging of voter names from the rolls. The tightening restrictions allegedly over concerns about voter fraud are largely affecting the Black community.

“Whenever I see all the stuff about voter registration and voter ID laws in America that’s one of the few moments I miss South Africa’s racism,” Noah joked. “What I like about South Africa’s racism is that it was just straight up. They’re just like, ‘No Blacks.'”

He continued, “Unlike in America where they make you work for your racism.”

Noah referred to the constant changes and emergence of “exact-match” laws, which state addresses, signatures and names must be the same on all forms on identification, as “racism sodoku.”

According to The Washington Post, This type of voter suppression often benefits Republicans because research has found that minorities usually vote Democratic.

The talk show host offered up a bit of advice to solve that problem. “If Black people all came out and said, ‘We’re going to vote Republican,’ you would be surprised how quickly you realize Black people’s decisions affect the general Republican ideology.”

To prove his point Noah spoke about the rise of the Black Panther Party, an African-American revolutionary party founded in 1966, and how their call to arm Black people brought about stricter guns laws.

“The NRA is a great example,” Noah said. “If you look at guns in America, people were always like guns are free [citing] the Second Amendment. Then the Black Panthers came along, and they were like, ‘This country is dangerous for Black people.’ So they said, ‘All our brothers and sisters you go out there, and you get guns. You get as many guns as you can, and you prepare for a war.'”

He said that is when White people decided to restrict gun ownership. Noah asserted that if Black people voted Republican, the suppression and laws would change or stop similarly to what happened with guns.

Watch the full segment below.