After tweeting about the missing Black girls in Washington D.C. and dropping his latest project, Tremaine the Album, Trey Songz stopped by The Breakfast Club to chat about his latest effort, his relationship with Drake, and clear up the rumors–again–about whether or not he and Nicki Minaj had a fling.

During his stop by the popular New York radio show, Trey gave listeners a track by track breakdown of his new album, calling it “vulnerable.”  The album delves into the difficulties of being Trey Songz, especially when he’s trying to keep a serious relationship alive.

“As far as the lifestyle I’ve been living, when you do love somebody you have to sacrifice certain things and change certain aspects of your life to include someone else in it,” he said.

While the conversation about Trey’s music and approach to the changing industry was extremely interesting, it was his discussions of Drake, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma that got social media talking.

When it comes to Drake, Trey reminded folks that he was one of the first artists to put the Toronto artist on the map.

“The first time Drake was on the stage was with me,” Trey explained. At the time, Drake wanted to sign a deal with Trey, but the singer cautioned Drizzy against making the deal.

“Drake wouldn’t be Drake if we made that decision. Drake wanted to sign to me at a time when I wasn’t even Trey Songz yet,” he explained. “At that time I felt like me and my label weren’t even in a good place where they believed in my potential, and I took Drake to many executives and a lot of people said no.”

Trey added, “Just to see him become who he is is dope.”

During the interview, Trey also addressed the Nicki Minaj versus Remy Ma beef, which he found himself dragged into after Remy suggested Nicki and Trey had an intimate relationship. Once again the singer denied the allegation, but he did admit he felt disrespected by how Nicki responded to him.

“I think she jumped the gun,” Trey said about Nicki’s tweets to him after Remy Ma dropped “Shether.” “I had already cleared it up. You need to go research something before you talk.”

Sonz continued, “You’re gonna be petty, I’m gonna be petty, too. What you talking about? You ain’t say nothing to Remy. It took you a week to say something to Remy. She’ll probably be mad about this, but y’all gotta realize I don’t give a f–k about nothing.”

Got 45 minutes? Check out the entire interview with Trey Songz below. It’s worth it.

Tremaine the Album is out NOW.