He’s sexy. He’s seductive. And he’s back.

Trey Songz has ravished the ladies for nearly a decade with his endearing eyes, solid body and captivating voice. He’s had more hit singles than you can count on two hands, a number of sold-out tour dates and a mass of adoring females copping his albums. He also seems to be mastering the recipe for longevity (two parts sexy to one part keeping the audiences happy.)

“I think one of the key [factors to my success] is having a relationship and a connection with my fans,” says Songz.

Songz hopes to maintain that connection with Chapter V, which drops today. With 18 tracks featuring everyone from Rick Ross to Lil Wayne, it doesn’t offer any musical surprises, but is solidly – smartly – Songz. In other words, it’s highly likely to produce several club bangers and as he describes it “sonically seamless from beginning to end.”

The album is typical Trey–lush with tracks on love and lust. There’s “Panty Wetter,” which the artist says is a continuation of his hit 2009 cut, “Panty Droppa.” And then there’s “Pretty Girls Lie,” the story of a girl who doesn’t know how to love. In describing the soulful R&B track, he says this: “It’s almost like, ‘Never trust a big butt and a smile.’ But [the idea is] posed in a more beautiful way.”

Food: “My grandmama’s macaroni and cheese.”
Adult Beverage: Grey Goose
Place to Unwind: At home in Virginia
Way To Unwind: Sipping a lil' wine
Car: A ’71 Chevelle SS (“I actually crashed it.”)
International City: Rio (though he hasn’t visited yet, he’s pretty sure that’d be his favorite place)
New Releases: Elle Varner, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and Frank Ocean