Rihanna Sued for Plagiarism, and Wins Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit

Rihanna is winning lawsuits and getting sued at the same damn time. She’s about to bank a $10 million plus settlement from former accountant Peter Gounis and the Berdon LLP firm after their bad real estate advice almost caused her to revert back to broke gal RiRi circa 2009. Now German-born photographer Philip Paulus is suing the money-slinging singer for plagiarizing images from his edgy Paperworld fashion series in her disturbing “S&M” video. The video could be banned from TV and YouTube if Paulus wins, but have you seen the weirdom all up in and around “S&M”? So yeah, we definitely won’t be missing that one.

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Trey Songz Shows Off His Goods in Calvin Klein

Trey Songz has just made the day, month, week and year for a lot of hot-in-the-pants young girls (mommas, aunties and grandmas too). He awarded his female fans a late Xmas gift when he uploaded flicks dressed in nothing but his Calvin Klein skivvies to Twitter. (With his tongue out. Pause.) The boxers were given to him as a gift from the folks at Calvin Klein, but it’s unclear on whether Trigga was working his end of an endorsement deal, trying to get a pornographic modeling gig, or simply giving his fans more reasons to have not-so-dry dreams. Maybe a little of all three.

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Danity Kane Returning to Reality TV?

Last year, rumors erupted that former Bad Boy group Danity Kane would be dropping a Making the Band spinoff on E! after fashion designer David Giampiccolo uploaded a flick of member Dawn Richardson to his Instagram wearing one of his designs with a hint-dropping caption. While it’s clear that we’ll be hearing new music from DK this year, Aubrey O’Day implied a televised reunion during a recent interview with MTV. “The group would love to share the next phase of what we’re going through. And it’s a lot. It’s definitely TV worthy.” So this might happen folks! Although if Diddy ain’t there to make a weak link cry or send somebody over the Brooklyn Bridge for a slice of cheesecake, I don’t think I’ll be watching.

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