The highly coveted Tribeca Film Festival has returned to New York City, from June 8th-19th, 2022. This year the festival is taking a new approach with amplifying Black voices, with a slate of programming featuring deeply emotional films and creator talks from Tyler Perry, Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Givhan, Pharrell and the cast of Eve's Bayou for the film's 25th anniversary of its release. Additionally, during the festival, Common will be presented with the second annual Harry Belafonte Voices for Social Justice Award.

Here are a few of the bodies of work that will be premiering at this year's Tribeca Film Festival:


Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

Starring Letitia Wright, Aisha follows the journey of a young Nigerian woman who seeks asylum in Ireland. In the midst of danger and strife, she finds resolve and solace in an unlikely friendship.


Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival.

Produced by Lena Waithe, Beauty tells the story of a young, queer, Black woman who struggles with maintaining her voice when she signs a lucrative recording contract with a music label. The film includes al all-star lineup of talent such as Niecy Nash and Giancarlo Esposito coupled with an extraordinary soundtrack.


Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

Beba highlights the complex identity of Afro-Latina filmmaker Rebeca Hunt as she recalls her upbringing in New York's Upper West Side. In this film, the viewer gains access to the imprint of Hunt's most formative years and the generation experiences that shaped who she is in a poetic manner.

Cave of Adullam

Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

Martial arts sensei Jason Wilson guides a group of young Detroit students with the mantra of "it's easier to raise boys than to repair broken men" in this film about compassion and tough love.


Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

Look into the world of Ben Crump, the civil rights lawyer dubbed “Black America’s attorney general," as he takes on some of the country's most complex social justice cases.

God Said Give Em Drum Machines

Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

The music documentary breaks down the true origins of techno music and the Black Detroit musicians who created one of the most popular music genres in the world.

Katrina Babies

Image: courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

Katrina Babies details a first hand narrative of the total devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina from the vantage point of youngsters between the ages of 3 and 19 when the levees broke.

Paint & Pitchfork

Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

This short film follows prolific artists Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley as they dive into the origins of their artistic processes and why they make art. Both Sherald and Wiley painted the revered portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama.


Image: courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

Loudmouth documents the winding road that is Al Sharpton’s life story as an iconic activist and spiritual leader.

Lowndes County and the Road to Black Power

Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

In a timely piece about the importance of voting rights, this film centers the vantage point and perspectives of those who fought for such rights in the 1960s.

Right to Offend: The Black Comedy Revolution

Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

Comedy is a stanchion of self-expression and art within the black comedy. In Right to Offend: The Black Comedy Revolution, notable Black comedians explore the ways comedy has shaped the Black community through the ability to create change and speak truth to power.

On The Line: The Richard Williams Story

Image: courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

Through interviews and home movies, witness an in-depth and intimate view into the courageous and unapologetic patriarch of the Williams family who was integral in the development of his daughters Venus and Serena Williams, two of the greatest athletes of our time.

Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks

Image: courtesy of TribecaFestival

From her radical stance in politics and lifelong dedication to activism, dive into the life of the Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks outside of the work she did with the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Story of Bones

Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

A Story of Bones chronicles the forgotten history of history of the Caribbean isle St. Helena after the remains of thousands of freed slaves are found on the tropical island.

Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby

Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

Follow rapper Lil Baby’s journey from a hustler in the streets of Atlanta to taking over the world of hip-hop while becoming a voice for change.


Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

Director Byron Hurt posits the function, politics and consequences of pledging rituals in Greek fraternities.

Kaepernick in America

Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

Kaepernick & America explores the impact of protest in the midst of tense racial tensions, while also detailing the political hysteria around Colin Kaepernick's decision to take a knee.


Image: courtesy of Tribeca Festival

The DOC dives into the life of hip hop legend The D.O.C. after losing his voice due to a tragic accident three decades ago.

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