Toni, Towanda, Trina and Tamar Braxton recently walked off of the Braxton Family Values set mid-scene, leaving Traci Braxton to keep the show afloat. While Tamar has been adamant that she doesn’t support its recent revamping, Trina appears to be having second thoughts about their decision to call it quits in the manner they did.

The Atlanta Black Star reports Trina spoke with Bossip on WETv about the group’s decision to walk out on the series due to wage disputes, saying they all relied on the same management whom she believes didn’t steer them in the best direction.

“It wasn’t my management — the one I had and have,” she explained. “What we said we were gonna do was we were gonna collectively use the same person. … We decided to do this as a family so we’re gonna use this one person instead of this lawyer calling this person, this manager calling this person or whatever the case may be.

“To me, in my personal opinion we were ill-advised,” Trina added. “I should have stuck with what I knew. However, here we are.”

Family filming has since resumed, with Traci bringing in Phaedra Parks and other reality stars to help her keep the show going in her siblings’ absence.

“Phaedra and I, you know, we always been in crossing of seeing each other,” Braxton explained during an interview with Fox 5. “So when the show was on a little hiatus I continued to work and Phaedra was contacted. She was like, ‘Of course, Traci, I would love to do some adventures with you.’ So we got together and we’ve been having a ball since.”

The Braxtons will reportedly also sit down for a major session on an upcoming episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life.