The son of NBA legend Michael Jordan is carving out a lane for himself, but in a way where he’s able to stand on his own while staying true to his father’s everlasting sports legacy. Marcus Jordan is looking forward to blending the eccentric worlds of basketball and fashion as he opens his new store, The Trophy Room this month at the Disney Springs shopping plaza located inside the Walt Disney Resort near Orlando.

The boutique will feature exclusive Nike footwear, Jordan brand merchandise and limited edition memorabilia that sneaker heads won’t be able to find elsewhere. You’ll also get a glimpse into the Jordan family life as intimate family photos and videos will be on display throughout the store.

The Trophy Room is inspired by the actual, heavily ornamented trophy room located in the Jordan family’s Chicago home. Each shelf there holds a cacophony of pennants, awards and other accolades that Michael Jordan acquired over the decades.

“I would go there to find lots of inspiration and would often reflect on what exactly I wanted to accomplish in life,” says Jordan, who at 25 is the youngest of two sons born to Juanita and Michael Jordan. “It represents a place of strength, endurance and resilience,”

The timing couldn’t have been better.  After an initial meeting, Jordan was instantly drawn to the idea of partnering with Walt Disney as the place to feature his first store.

 “The stars immediately aligned,” he says. “They were doing a unique renovation with an intriguing concept that was larger than life. It’s really become a true destination retail attraction while simultaneously matching the authenticity of the Jordan brand. The last phase of development seems to be coming together and I’m really excited about this launch.”

Jordan, a hospitality management major, graduated from the University of Central Florida and says his skills from college helped him transition into a full-fledged entrepreneur. But it’s his experience as the UCF basketball team’s shooting guard that led him to execute like a boss.

“In terms of creating the store from the ground up, the main challenge was balancing my time,” reveals Jordan. “When you’re an athlete, there’s always going to be a set structure or routine you have to adhere to on a daily basis. When you’re starting a concept or opening your own business, essentially you’re creating the process and procedures on your own. I’m very hands-on and completely involved with every aspect from the inception. What helped was finding a way to steadily pace myself. I’m a very creative and visual type of person so I can think of something in my head and will start mapping out a plan. Constructing blueprints for the layout and managing several individuals for the store while complying with a budget is not an easiest thing to do, but I’m working through it.”  

In addition to being the person in charge and handling the less glamorous elements of the business, this entrepreneur would love to add his own collection of kicks to the Jordan brand. “My love for footwear is eternal and I’ve already dabbled in creating some shoes,” admits Jordan. “I really admire the process. From cutting the patterns to selecting the heel and choosing soles, It’s very intricate and detailed so I’m all for designing.”

His father has always been an encouraging and supportive figure. Plus, he’s able to use that astounding Jordan work ethic to push forward when adversities arise.  “My dad is super proud of me and I’m glad I can continue to bring the Jordan legacy to new heights. I have a lot to live up to.”

Indeed, it’s true that a lot comes with the territory of being the son of a basketball legend, but even more so when many believe your dad is the greatest man to ever play the game. And yet, Jordan has always managed to keep pressure to a bare minimum. He has never felt the need to extensively prove himself to others because of his father’s accomplishments.

“With anything I do, there’s always internal pressure because I’m motivated to be the best me,” he says. “I’ve always taught myself to maintain a high level of expectation so I put my best foot forward at all times. I don’t allow many external factors to influence me as a decision maker because distractions can overshadow greatness. I believe Trophy Room will be reflective of the great work I’ve put in.”